Our Mission as a Healthcare Total Solution Provider is?: “to combine and to provide the highest technical standard products, quality, safety, and cost effectiveness in healthcare, with an exceptional high level of service, education and consultation, resulting in a good relationship with the end-user and to benefit the patient care

We provides a full array of services, facilities and products to: Profit and not-for-profit (private and public) hospitals of all sizes like rural critical access hospitals, suburban medical centers, academic medical centers, and as well as urban healthcare centers.

We have a high level network for your healthcare organization, with the focus on driving up quality, and to serve you with the latest development. We co-operate with many international institutions like governmental organizations, ministries, private medical organizations, manufacturers, international financial organizations and commercial banks. Through the co-operation and the co-ordination with these organizations, MMA Korea can serve you with the highest quality of products and services, to find a solution for each demand of your organization.