Fully Automatic Manifold Systems

Dumed gas supply manifold is designed to provide high gas flows while requiring minimal maintenance It is intended for use in applications that require an interrupted flow of gas without fluctuating line pressure.

Dumed gas supply manifold is available two kinds of standard model, one is fully automatic change over system, the other is semi-automatic change over system, each specifically designed for its gas service according to ISO, the gas offer: Oxygen, Nitrogen, Nitrous oxide, Compressed air, may be ordered as special items.


Medical Gas Manifold


* Fully automatic self-contained shuttle-valve with power battery back- up (optional)

* Dual line pressure regulator

* High pressure header isolation valves

* Two limit switches for positive indication of bank in use

* Cost save

* Easy to installation and maintenance

* Complies with HTM 2015, 2022, European, NFPA and ISO Standards.






Semi Automatic Manifold Systems




* Dual Line pressure regulator

* High pressure regulator

* Cost effective

* Easy to maintenance and installation

* Manual device manifold is also available on request

* Complies with HTM 2015, 2022, European, NFPA and ISO Standards