Compressed Air Plant

Dumed Compressed Air Plant is designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested and is delivered ready for operation. Compressed Air Plant is available as simplex, duplex and more as per customer’s demand. Air compressor can be provided by Reciprocating, Oil-Free Screw, and Scroll for its usage.


Compressed Air Plant


* Operation with minimized noise and vibration.

* Adoption of high-precision bearing.

* Minimized maintenance cost.

* Compact and elegant structure.

* High-efficiency intercooler.

* Complies with HTM 2015, 2022, European, NFPA and ISO Standards



Air Dryer

Air dryers often help improve overall compressed air plant performance by removing excess moisture in the air. It can be dried the air to the degree required for proper functioning of the end-use equipment.


Air Dryer

Air Dryer 2


* Built-in after filter, prevents desiccant fines from going downstream

* Virtually contaminant-free air

* Economical and low maintenance



Aftercooler and Filters

Aftercooler cools the heated compressed air from the compressor to below 40oC and efficiently reduces moisture in the compressed air. The use of materials specifically are developed for this duty, the user enjoys a long service life with constant efficiency.


Aftercooler and Filters


* Max. operating pressure : 1.0 MPa

* Max. operating temperature : 100

* Outlet air temperature : below 40 C

* Built-in drain separator : drained by an auto drain (Optional)

* Compact size and light weight

* High flow capabilities

* Long service life