Vacuum Plant (Rotary vane type)

Dumed Rotary Vane Vacuum Plant is available in the various stages, Vacuum Pump is air cooled and direct driven. This oil-recirculation design is one of the simple and most reliable vacuum pumps.


Medical Vacuum Plant


* Automatic and compact Vacuum plants

* Compact, simple design for easy installation.

* No vibration, quiet operation.

* High quality performance.

* Minimized maintenance cost.

* Air cooled, requiring no water.

* Complies with HTM 2015, 2022, European, NFPA and ISO Standards.



Vacuum Plant (Water Sealed Type)

Dumed Water Sealed Vacuum Plant consists of an impeller and pump cashing as body. The impeller shall be installed at close location from the water will be in the same level with ring along the inside wall by the centrifugal force.


Vacuum Plant


* Suitable for the exhaust of gas containing vapor or moisture

* Conduct the best capability in low pressure

* High quality performance

* Working smoothly without any noise

* No vibration

* Cost effective and easy to install

* Complies with HTM 2015, 2022, European, NFPA and ISO Standards.




Filters are installed on exhaust ports of pumps to adsorb remaining air contaminants such as oil aerosols, oil vapors, certain other hydrocarbon vapors, and trace moisture.

They also trap all foreign solid particles such as dirt, dust, rust, and pipe scale down to 0.5 microns.

In addition, filters can be used for efficient adsorption and removal of organic vapors and aerosols, certain foreign gases and bacteria.




* Absorption Capacity : 99.97% with 0.2 ~ 0.5 Microns

* Housing Material : Carbon Steel