Nouveau R Bed Head Unit?with Rail System

Whatever your requrements-ward, Recovery CCU, ICU, NICU-Nouveau R series Bed Head Unit is designed to meet each area’s necessity, with the required level of service. You specify the needs of the care deliver and the location of services and medical equipment.


Nouveau R Bed Head Unit



A major advantage of Nouveau Series Bed Head Unit is the option of adding a rail sections into the trunking profile. The 10mm x 30mm rail is designed to satisfy a new European standard and will take most clamps currently on the market.



With the option of the integral medical rail, designed to meet the new European standard, you can organize, control and locate life support devices exactly where needed – and change them as the patient’s condition changes. Medical equipment just where you want it.


The Finishing Touch….

A choice of plain or various different colors of decor stripe

An elegant modular solution for delivering services and managing equipment in all Patient Care Environments



Adaptability & Flexibility

MMA sells its products throughout the world and is used to the different market needs. Nouveau Series Bed Head Unit has the flexibility to be supplied with Gem 10 for HTM 2022 markets and other electrical socket can all be accommodated. We can provide provision for nurse call, monitoring, data sockets, telephone sockets etc.


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