Wall Outlet Unit

Outlet shall be manufactured with an 150mm(5.9″) length type 9.5mm [3.8″] outside diameter copper inlet pipe tube, which is chromed to the outlet body. Body shall be 33mm [1-5/16″] diameter on piece brass construction. For positive pressure gas service, the outlet shall be equipped with a primary and secondary check valve and the secondary check valve shall be rated at a minimum 1.379 kPa [200 psi] in the event primary check valve is removed for maintenance. Outlet bodies shall be gas specific by indexing each gas service to a gas specific dual pin indexing arrangement on the respective identification module.

A large color-coded front plate shall be used for easy of gas identification and aesthetic appeal. With the back box mounted the outlet shall adjust up to 32mm [1-1/4″] variation in wall thickness.



* 100% hydrostatic testing of each outlet and cleaned for medical gas service

* Indexed to eliminate interchangeability of gas services

* 360o swivel inlet pipe for easy installation

* Complies with HTM 2015, 2022, European, NFPA and ISO Standards